Mr. Shridhar Sanglikar, founder of above organizations is a Mech. Engineer.

After completion of Mech. Engineering he worked for 2 years with Air-conditioning equipment manufacturing company and was subsequently associated with leading consulting firm for 10 years. During the period Mr. Sanglikar completed various projects using various types of Split units, Ductable Split unit, Hermetic / Semi Hermetic Compressors, Screw type Chillers, Centrifugal Chillers, Absorption Machines, VRV Systems, etc. of Indian as well as Imported Manufacture.    

After sufficient knowledge and experience on Air-conditioning system, Mr. Sanglikar formed above organization in year 1999. 

Consultants normally provide only single line drawings. But for the benefit of the Client, Architect, and other services M/s. Apurva Service Consultants started preparing detailed drawings at the initial stage of each project so that:

Architect is able to make correct provisions for Air-conditioning System.

Tender can be finalized faster and at a proper time.


Cost of the project can be controlled.